Wadadli Antigua

Image Of Wadadli

The greyscaled graphic on the page is the official trademark, Logo and symbol of Wadadli Experience Enterprise 1976 Ltd, the group with exclusive rights to the name that the letters in the word create. The image is a map of Antigua in a vertical position and artistically embellished with eye, ear and mouth to portray the island as the head of a bearded, dread locks Rastafarian called Wadadli.

The idea for the Wadadliman symbol was first revealed to the Wadadli group by the creators Ras Jahbozi and Brother Butch of the One love tribe band, an acoustic music group from the Rastafari community in the 1980s. The original drawing also included an artistic illustration of Barbuda similarly adorned to depict the female companion of the Wadadli man.

Intellectual Property

The Wadadli group eventually became (WEEL) Wadadli Experience Enterprise Limited in 1976, and the image was adopted as the official symbol, trademark and logo of Wadadli Band. It was later recreated in 1978 by Kumasi, leader of the group, and used on the back of the first Wadadli band album, Came From Afar.

The name and image of WADADLI are symbolic of an era, culture and events that enlightened many and transcend the vision of the founders. Oblivious to its meaning and significance, many people use the word for different purposes, but the name and image are intellectual properties of Wadadliantigua.com and wadadliexperience.com exclusively.