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Welcome to Wadadli Antigua journal of history, events, people, arts and culture in Antigua and Barbuda. The written content of this site is a revised edition of the untold story of Wadadli, Its meaning, significance and historic relation to Antigua.

Since the first publication of the site in 2007, reaction to the articles have been mixed, sometimes emotional, but overall enlightening. Many people have written to me with different ideas, opinions, comments and suggestions for improving the website.

To address the mixed reactions and concerns of the readers, I’ve made several changes and modifications to enhance the usability of the site, make it more accessible, and improve the quality of the content.

Design & Content

The design concept of the site hasn’t change much except for the colors and a few cosmetic applications to add some visual appeal to the content presentation. However, the entire structure of the website was scrapt and rebuild to adhere to some of the new and emerging web design standard.

There's not much left to tell you about Wadadli Antigua, but you can expect more changes and other refinement to the website as it continues to evolve and expand it's parameters with new web technologies, fresh content and interactive features.

Before publishing this revised edition of the Untold Story Of Wadadli, I gave serious consideration to some of the comments and feedback I’ve received and followed some of the suggestions I found useful. I hope you find the website a bit more user-friendly and responsive to your viewing and reading needs.

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