Wadadli Antigua

Untold Story Of Wadadli

Over the years, many have used and written about the word "Wadadli" and its relation to the island of Antigua, yet of the many claims and assumptions of its meaning and origin, the whole story was never told until the publication of this site and it's affiliate.

The meaning Of the Word "WADADLI" is not ANTIGUA as some have claim. Obviously, most people who use the word are not fully aware of its origin or true meaning, so one of the objectives of the site is to define Wadadli emphatically.

WADADLI is an original word similar to and derived from the word WA-LAD-LI, one of the names for the island of Antigua pre-history. However, other names like QUALADLI and WAOMONI also made reference to the island by different groups of Amerindians.

Origin Of Wadadli

Given the close similarity of WA-DAD-LI and WA-LAD-LI, It's obvious that one is inadvertently misrepresented. WA-LAD-LI was the original name of the island before Christopher Columbus called it Antigua, but the island officially retained the name during and after European colonization of the Caribbean Islands.

The origin of the word Wadadli is inextricably linked to the Rastafari community unique dialect and original words that slowly evolved into a new lexicon of local Rastafari words, meaning and language. rarely comprehend by others outside the community.

It was from the constant use and refinement of new words, definitions and interpretation, that the word WADADLI subsequently emerged. Apparently, before an official meaning and definition of the word was ever established, other people began using it callously assuming that the meaning of Wadadli is Antigua, but that's not factually correct. Read more about Wadadli by Desmond Nicholson