Wadadli Antigua

Government & Politics

Political power in Antigua is a luxury shared by two political parties that emerged from the power struggle between different fractions in the Antigua Trade and Labor Union in the sixties. Unable to reconcile their differences, two political parties emerged from the struggle. Vere Bird senior formed the (ALP) Antigua Labor Party, and George Walter formed the (PLM) Progressive Labor Movement.

Looking at the history of elections in Antigua and Barbuda, it's apparent which party has dominated the political landscape in the ongoing struggle for political power in the country. Others have tried, but no other party or independent candidates unaffiliated with the trade and labor movement ever formed the government of Antigua.

Parties & Elections

The United Progressive Party (UPP) is not a new political party, It's a direct offshoot and by-product of the (PLM) Progressive Labor Movement, led by George Walter before the party met its unfortunate political demised in the 1976 election by Vere Bird Senior and the ALP.

The party is seeking reelection for a third consecutive term, but given the current economic uncertainty in the country, the electorate may not be ready for a three-peat after eight years of absolute power and authority without a credible opposition.

Who will form the next government of Antigua & Barbuda is anyone's guest, but It seems like the sunshine is slowly fading on the United Progressive Party, and the Baldwin Spencer government is economically bankrupt, void of direction and fresh ideas.