Antigua People Politics And Government

An objective and rational analysis of the political environment in Antigua and Barbuda has not been undertaken and published by any local Antiguan author since the passing of Sir. Leonard Tim Hector, respected and honored by many Antigua as the greatest son of the soil.

Apart from his academic credentials he was the leader of the ACLM, an acronym for Antigua Caribbean Liberation Movement, and a reliable and revered journalist that kept the reading public informed about what the government was doing in the country.

There are many Antiguan and Barbudans living abroad that still love their country but are not fully aware of what the government is currently doing in the country. If you were born and lived in Antigua before the country achieved statehood and Independence, there must be some things you liked and can remember with nostalgic fondness from that era

Today, the landscape of Antigua is a different place from what it was like growing up in the late nineteen fifties, but that's no surprise, everything changes, and nothing stays the same indefinitely.

Nevertheless, things don't always change for the better, and what doesn't surprise you can alarm and give you cause for concern, so if you live in Antigua and are baffled by anything or have concerns about the country, feel free to share your thoughts with Wadadli Antigua Journal.

It was oblivious to anyone paying close attention to the last four years of Lester Bird administration that the government was slowly moving the country in a different direction on an uncharted and unpredictable course.

Some were suspicious of the government's motive given the political atmosphere and uncertainty in the country at the time; the ALp support was rapidly diminishing with the local people, so they changed course and start looking for supporters elsewhere.

Notice:This article is part one of a three-part documentary about Antigua government, people, and Politics so stay tuned for the rest.